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Snowshoe Breed Summary

Intelligent, Vocal, Active, Playful

With the Snowshoe’s bright blue eyes, white “snow boots” and lovely temperament, this kitty is quite the cat-ch!

Mellow and somewhat shy, Snowshoes are affectionate kitties that love to be in the company of their family, as well as other pets and children (providing they’re properly introduced). While the Snowshoe doesn’t like to be left alone for too long, they’re quite happy if they have a feline friend for company.

With their Siamese heritage, this cat can be rather chatty. While not as loud as the Siamese, Snowshoes still like to make themselves heard and are quick to remind you about dinner time using their sweet, melodic voice.

Fun Fact: While the Snowshoe is a rare breed, world-famous feline, ‘Grumpy Cat’, was believed to have Snowshoe traces in her ancestry.

Lifespan 14 – 19 years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females: 9.1in – 11in
Weight Males: 8.8lb – 12lb, Females: 7.1lb – 10lb
Coat Single-coat, short and smooth
Color White, black, tan, brown, blue, seal
Eye color Blue
Common health issues Feline lower urinary tract disease, feline rhinotracheitis virus infection, progressive retinal atrophy
The Snowshoe is a smart kitty with a kind, playful nature.

These kitties enjoy observing their surroundings from a high perch, but when they aren’t up high, expect to find your Snowshoe by your side as this feline loves companionship, especially if you’re the “chosen one”! Snowshoes have a habit of attaching themselves to one parent in particular, and if you’re the lucky one then you’re likely to find your Snowshoe each and every way you turn. However, this kitty prefers to take the lead rather than follow you around the home.

Like snowflakes, Snowshoes tend to have varying personalities, with no two quite the same. While some are shy, some tend to be bossier (in the nicest way, of course). One Snowshoe may lavish you with affection, while another might be more aloof. Generally, this breed is active and inquisitive, and your Snowshoe is sure to bring purrlenty of entertainment and love to the home.

Although the Snowshoe is very closely related to the ancient Siamese, they’re a relatively new cat breed that only dates back to the 1960s.

Dorothy Hind-Daugherty, an American breeder of Siamese cats, discovered that in one of her Siamese litters, three kittens were born with white paws. To be expected, the paws, combined with the kitten’s striking pointed markings really caught her eye. In an attempt to develop the look, Dorothy decided to cross these special Siamese cats with a Domestic Shorthaired cat with tuxedo markings. In time, this led to the distinct Snowshoe breed we see today; a cat with white “snow boot” paws, a white face and chest, and pointed, darker coloring on the ears, tail and legs.

In the 1970s there was only one breeder of Snowshoe, and today the breed is still rare. These cats were first recognized in 1982 by the Cat Fanciers Federation and then the International Cat Association in 1994.

Snowshoes are gradually seeing a rise in popularity, which was also spurred as a result of the late ‘Grumpy Cat’, a celebrity of the cat world who was thought to be of Snowshoe heritage.