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Singapura Breed Summary

Curious, Playful, Intelligent

The Singapura is a small cat with a big personality! This micro-sized kitty is actually the smallest of the domestic cat breeds and as their name suggests, they originated on the streets of Singapore.

Quite the powerhouse, the Singapura loves to leap up to high places (this includes your shoulder) to observe the goings-on in the home. When this impish, inquisitive cat isn’t looking for a tall place to perch or chasing a toy, they can be found looking for a comfy lap to sit in and relax.

This extroverted cat is a furriend to all, including other cats, cat-friendly dogs and (well-behaved) children.

Fun Fact: The Singapura was once the national mascot for the Singapore Tourism Board!

Lifespan 11 – 15 years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females: 6in – 7.8in
Weight Males: Up to 6lb, Females: Up to 4lb
Coat Short, smooth and silky coat
Color Sepia-toned
Eye color Hazel, green, yellow
Common health issues Renal failure, hyperthyroidism, diabetes
Other Names Pura, Drain Cat, Kucinta, Love Cat
They may be small, but the Singapura sure is mighty! With their high-energy levels, this sprightly cat loves to climb and explore.

While this feline has a little voice, they certainly make their presence known in other ways, such as chasing toy balls around the home, trying to sit on your shoulder or climbing the curtains! These playful kitties love to be the center of attention and will go out of their way to make sure all eyes are on them, even if that means just sitting on your lap for a cuddle.

Despite their lively nature, Puras are gentle cats who will happily stop playtime to sit by your side if you’re feeling under the weather. Just be sure to keep the noise levels to a minimum, the small Pura doesn’t like loud noises and are easily spooked if they hear an unexpected loud noise, like a dog barking or baby shrieking. If things don’t get too noisy, the social Singapura does well in homes where they’ll have plenty of company, so they always feel entertained and cherished.

The origin of the Singapura breed is a bit of a mystery!

At first, cat fanciers Tommy and Hal Meadow said that they brought three cats back to America from the streets of Singapore in the mid-1970s. These cats were later to be known as Singapura cats. The Cat Fanciers’ Association decided to recognize the Singapura officially in 1982 and legible for championship competition in 1988.

However… the Meadow’s story came into question when the Singapore Tourist and Promotion Board wanted to research the Singapura’s history, especially as they wanted to use this kitty as a mascot for the south-east Asian sovereign island. What came to light was the fact that the cats the Meadows claimed to have found in Singapore were actually been brought there from America! It’s now believed the Singapura is actually a cross between a Burmese and Abyssinian, which were first bred in the US then brought to Singapore with the Meadows.

Despite the Singapura’s unclear background, the Cat Fanciers’ Association decided to keep this cat’s status as a natural breed.