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Ragamuffin Breed Summary

Docile, Affectionate, Intelligent

Famous for their friendly natures and thick, rabbit like fur, the Ragamuffin is a large, affectionate cat that has a personality as big as its large fluffy frame! While these cats are sometimes confused with their relation – the Ragdoll - these cats are a breed of their own.

A classic lap cat, the Ragamuffin adores being cuddled by its owners, but don’t be fooled, this cat loves to play too! If you have a Ragamuffin in your home, expect to divide your time between playing and cuddling. This cat is often described as being ‘puppy-like’ due to their intelligent, friendly, and super personable nature – some even like to learn tricks and play games like fetch.

Being highly adaptable, Ragamuffins will make themselves at home in a variety of environments – whether that’s a quiet apartment, a loud house, with a single person or in a busy household. They especially make wonderful companions to families with children or other pets.

Fun Fact: Ragamuffins are born white and develop a color pattern as they age!

Lifespan 8 – 13 years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females: 9.1in – 11in
Weight Males: 11.9lb – 20lb, Females: 7.9lb – 15lb
Coat Semi long-haired, thick, luxurious coat
Color White, black, blue, cream, red, brown, lilac, platinum, fawn, chocolate, chestnut, cinnamon, lavender, cameo, silver
Eye color Amber, blue, green, gold, hazel, odd-eyed
Common health issues Upper respiratory tract disorders, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, polycystic kidney disease, cystitis
The sociable Ragamuffin loves to follow their people wherever they go and are likely to greet them at the door with a cheerful meow. Somewhat docile by nature, this huggable cat loves nothing more being held and sitting in a comfy lap for a snuggle.

While these cats love to relax, they enjoy a good play session too and will happily play fetch and can even learn to walk on a lead!

A wonderful combination of sweet and smart, these cats make a wonderful addition to the home, providing you’re prepared to give them purr-lenty of attention – but really, who could resist cuddling this cute cat?

The Ragamuffin’s history is a little foggy but it’s generally agreed that Ragamuffins were created by Ragdoll owners who crossed the breed with other longhaired cats, including Himalayans, Persians and longhaired and domestic cats. This resulted in a larger cat with a greater range of colors and patterns within the breed.

The name ‘Ragamuffin’ was chosen partly in homage to the Ragdoll, the cat’s founding breed, but it was actually meant to be a joke! It stuck with the cat when the original registry couldn’t be changed.

Under the category of heavy breeds, the Ragamuffin is among the most popular cats in the US and UK.