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Minskin Breed Summary

Sweet-tempered, Friendly, Inquisitive, Intelligent

The Minskin cat is a paw-some mix of the Munchkin and Sphynx cat breeds. As it's crossed with the same breeds it's sometimes mistaken for the Bambino cat.

Due to its short legs, this kitty sits low to the ground and has large ears, a narrow nose, wide round eyes and a very sparse coat that can be seen at its extremities, such as the face, ears, tail and legs.

Although this breed is rare, owners have described the Minskin as a very affectionate, sociable and loyal cat. They can form strong attachments with their people and would much rather be in the company of their favorite people than be left home alone for long periods of time.

Lifespan 12 – 14 years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females: 7.1in – 7.9in
Weight Males and Females: 4lb – 6lb
Coat Fur only appears at the 'points' (tail, legs, nose, ears, and face.) Sparse hair covers the body, but the belly is always hairless
Color The Minskin comes in all colors and patterns
Eye color The Minskin's eyes can be any color
Common health issues The Minskin is relatively healthy, however, as the breed hasn't been around for one entire lifespan of the average cat, it's hard to really say what to expect in the future. As the moment, the Minskin doesn't seem any more prone to major health issues than other munchkin breeds.
Even though the Minskin has very short legs, they retain the same level of agility as any active breed of cat and they're always happy to be on the move!

These kitties enjoy playtime and their curious nature means they're always on the prowl, exploring their environments. Even when the Minskin is taken to a new place, they waste no time in exploring and adapting. Outgoing and affectionate, this cat is very people-friendly and makes a wonderful companion to have in the home, especially as they tend to get along with children and other pets too.

While the Minskin isn't particularly loud, they do well to communicate their needs well and make themselves understood.

In 1998, the Minskin breed was developed by Paul McSorley in Boston. His vision was to create a short-legged feline with fur that only appeared on the extremities of the cat, much like how breeds like the Siamese have color-pointing. McSorley crossed a Munchkin and a Sphynx, with a Devon Rex and a Burmese included in the mix to perfect the breed. The first kitten to meet McSorley's vision was born in 2000 and by 2005, 50 Minskin cats existed! Currently, the development of this breed is being monitored by the International Cat Association.