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Korat Breed Summary

Intelligent, Social, Playful, Energetic

In their home country of Thailand, the Korat is a symbol of luck and prosperity. While they’re related to the Siamese, they’re a much quieter cat, however they’ll still let you know what they’re thinking, like when it's time to eat or time to pay them more attention!

The Korat is definitely a kitty that likes to be in charge, whether with other cats, dogs, or their human family. Demanding of attention, they’re keen to be involved in everything you do, whether that’s reading the paper, working on your laptop or preparing a meal – expect to find this sleek cat by your side at all times. Korats are well suited to living with people who'll pour plenty of attention onto them and not forget to comb their furbulous coat each week.

Fun Fact: The Korat has never been outcrossed to other breeds or been used to create any other breeds. They are truly one of a kind!

Lifespan 10 – 15 Years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females: 7.9in – 9.8in
Weight Males: 8.8lb – 11lb, Females: 4.9lb – 8.8lb
Coat Single coat with hair that is short, shiny and fine
Color Bluish-gray tipped with silver
Eye color Green
Common health issues GM1 and GM2 Gangliosides
Possessive? The Korat? Maybe just a little…. This breed of cat is incredibly attached to their people and they love to stay near them... at all times. As they have a strong need for companionship, they're best suited to living with people who work from home or in a home with another pet. A Korat who’s ignored or left alone for long periods of time may develop problems such as aggression or separation anxiety.

This is a cat full of energy; they enjoy learning tricks, playing fetch and can even be taught to walk on a lead! It’s easy to teach a Korat what’s right and wrong, simply reward them with an affectionate pet or a treat for good behavior and when they're being naughty a loud hand clap or firm "no!" will do.

While the Korat can be clear with their likes and dislikes - letting you know with a sweet chirp - they’re generally a quiet cat, and much quieter than their Siamese relative! These kitties much prefer a quieter environment.

If you’d like a lap cat that adores any attention they can muster from you, the Korat will be more than happy to fulfil this duty.

This silvery-blue kitty is an ancient breed from Thailand. Pictures of the Korat, also known as the Si-Sawat cat, appear in a book about cats that dates back to Thailand’s Ayudhya period (1350 – 1767). In this book, the Korat is described as a cat that brings good fortune. While the cats were never sold, gifting a pair of Korats was favored and they were believed to bring prosperity and fertility when given to brides.

Even looking back to centuries-old paintings of Korats, the breed has changed very little, and all modern Korats have family trees with roots in Thailand.

In the late 19th century, some solid blue ‘Siamese’ cats were exhibited in England – however these cats were probably Korats. It wasn’t until 1959 that a Korat lived in the USA. The Cat Fanciers Association recognized the breed in 1967, and all the cat registries now recognize the Korat.