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Javanese Breed Summary

Intelligent, Agile, Playful, Athletic

Javanese cats are faithful companions that will follow their humans from room to room, happily chatting about their day.

This kitty is basically a semi-longhaired version of the Colorpoint, which is a version of the Siamese. The Javanese is inclined to be very much like a Siamese, but slightly less demanding! They’re endlessly interested, intelligent and active cats that love to get involved in whatever their family is doing.

Elegant and graceful, despite the Javanese’s delicate appearance, they’re very playful, fun and cuddly! This is very much a people-oriented cat that enjoys an active and loving household.

Lifespan 10 – 15 years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females: 18.1in – 20.1in
Weight Males and Females: 5.1lb – 9.9lb
Coat Medium length silky coat
Color Solid points in red or cream; lynx points in seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, red, chocolate-tortie, blue-cream, lilac-cream and seal-tortie; or tortoiseshell points in seal or chocolate
Eye color Blue, green
Common health issues Amyloidosis, asthma, heart defects such as aortic stenosis, crossed eyes, gastrointestinal conditions such as megaesophagus, hyperesthesia syndrome, lymphoma, nystagmus, progressive retinal atrophy
Other Names Oriental Longhair
The Siamese and the Javanese might differ when it comes to coat length, but despite appearances, they’re almost identical in purr-sonality!

Javanese are extremely fond of their people and like to be “helpful” around the house, following their humans from room to room and getting involved in whatever they’re up to. If you’re sitting down, a Javanese will be quick to curl up in your lap for a cuddle and when it comes to bedtime, they’ll want to climb in too! Frequently underfoot, a Javanese is perhaps not the best choice for people who don’t fancy a furry shadow following them around at all times.

While not as loud as their Siamese relative, the Javanese is just as opinionated. Quick to tell you what they think about everything, this kitty loves to chat and yes, you’re expected to listen!

A highly intelligent cat, the Javanese is also agile and athletic so they require plenty of mental and physical stimulation, such as puzzle and teaser toys, as well as a big cat tree they can climb and a good game of fetch! As they learn tricks easily, it’s also possibly to teach your Javanese to walk on a lead. Without any form of entertainment, you may find your home messier than you remember!

A loyal and loving feline, the Javanese suits any home that’s prepared to devote purr-lenty of time and attention to this dynamic cat.

Dressed in Colorpoint colors, the Javanese is a longhaired variety of Siamese, developed from a foundation of Siamese, Colorpoint and Balinese cats in 1978.

While Javanese cats don’t actually come from Java, they were affectionately given this name because Java is a sister island to Bali, and so they were named in relation to their Balinese heritage (even though the Balinese breed doesn’t come from Bali, either!).

In 1986 the Cat Fanciers Association categorized the Javanese as a distinct breed, separated from the Balinese by colors, but in 2008 the Javanese was declared a division of the Balinese breed. Other cat associations also consider this cat a variety of Balinese.

The Javanese may be outcrossed to the Balinese, Siamese, Colorpoint Shorthair and Oriental Longhair.