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Havanese Breed Summary

Adoring, Friendly, Energetic, Friendly and Happy

These little guys make a very popular choice due to their charming personalities and loving natures. Additionally, they are also very intelligent and form strong bonds with their families.

However, these dogs can be quite costly, especially in the grooming department! Though they aren't heavy shedders, they will require professional grooming on a monthly basis as well as lots of baths and combing.

Fun Fact: These guys are the national dog of Cuba!

Kennel Club Group Toy
Lifespan 14 - 16 Years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 8.5in - 11.5in
Weight Males and Females 7lb - 13lb
Coat Silky and Soft Coat; Slightly Curled or Wavy
Color Black, Black & Tan, Black & White, Brown Sable & White, Chocolate, Chocolate & White, Cream, Cream & Tan, Cream & White, Cream Sable, Gold, Gold & Cream, Gold & White, Gold Sable, Gold Sable & White, Particolor, Red, Red & Cream, Red & White, Sable, Sable & White, Tan & White, Tricolor, White
Eye color Brown, Hazel to Light or Medium Brown
Common health issues Cataracts, Hereditary cataracts, Cherry eye, Congenital deafness
Other Names Havanese Silk Dog

The Havanese breed is well known for being extremely loving and affectionate. They are extremely devoted dogs and absolutely adore 'hoomans', meaning they are great for first time owners! Their high intelligence also means they are relatively easy to train however, being clever isn't necessarily a good thing... they can pick up bad habits very quickly! Because they do adore us 'hoomans' so much, they do not do well when left by themselves. If left for too long, they are prone to developing separation anxiety which can result in some very destructive behaviors. As a result, they do need someone to be around for most of the day. Additionally, these dogs LOVE water. A lot of them are very strong swimmers, so if you live nearby a lake or beach, we think you should definitely take advantage of it!

These sweet little dogs have an extremely detailed history and are a native breed to the Mediterranean. The Havanese were specifically developed in Sunny Cuba around the 16th and 17th century, thought to be descendants of Bichon-type dogs. Originally, these dogs were referred to as Bichon Teneriffes, which are now extinct (whine...). It's thought that some other breeds may have also been used in the development of these fluffy guys, such as Poodles, Water Spaniels and Portuguese Water Dogs. However, the onset of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 saw the breed rapidly decline with numbers falling very low as dogs and their owners left their native country in search of a better life. Some were left behind on the Island and kept by the poor, although no new puppies were registered until 30 years after this! They went on to become particularly popular in England during the 18th century and were even owned by celebrities of the time, Charles Dickens and Queen Victoria!