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Finnish Lapphund Breed Summary

Adoring, Energetic, Intelligent, Loyal and Doting

These dogs originate from Northern Scandinavia and are a Spitz type dog originally bred to herd reindeer. They remain a fairly popular breed in Scandinavian Countries but are much of a rarity elsewhere.

They make fantastic family dogs as they absolutely love 'hoomans' and are very gentle and affectionate by nature. They are also very intelligent which means training is fairly easy as well!

Fun Fact: They date back to 7,000 BC!

Kennel Club Group Herding
Lifespan 12 - 15 years
Height (at the withers) Males 18in - 21in, Females 16in - 19in
Weight Males and Females 33lb - 53lb
Coat Coat consists of a Coarser and Straighter Outercoat, that is Shorter on the Head and on the Front of the Legs. The Undercoat is Much Softer and Denser.
Color Black, Black and tan, Black and white, Black tan and white, Brown, Brown and tan, Brown and white, Brown grizzle, Brown grizzle and white, Brown tan and white, Brown wolf sable, Brown wolf sable and white, Cream, Cream and white, Grizzle, Grizzle and white, Red, Red and white, Sable, Sable and white, Tricolor, White, Wolf sable, Wolf sable and white
Eye color Dark
Common health issues Cataracts, Hip dysplasia, Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), Glycogen storage disease type II

These fluffy dogs are actually a really good choice for first time owners! This is because they absolutely love 'hoomans' and only seek to please! Paired with a very high intelligence, these guys are relatively easy to train. They are extremely loyal to their owners, although they normally make the strongest bond with one person, normally the one who feeds them the most! Although wary of strangers, these guys would never act aggressively and instead prefer to keep their distance until they've sussed them out! On top of this, they are very high energy and for this reason would suit a family who already lead an active lifestyle that a Lapphund could easily slot into! They essentially make great pets and have the potential to provide a family with years of happiness and joy!

The Finnish Lapphund's are a Spitz-type dog, originating from the harsh land of Scandinavia. They are extremely historic dogs, thought to date back to 7000 BC and were kept by the Lapland people, in a region that included Norway, Sweden, Finland and other various areas within Northern Russia! But during this time, they went under the different name of 'Lapland Dogs'. However an outbreak of distemper also known as Hardpad Disease almost completely wiped out the breed just before the start of WW1. It was only due to a small number of breeders that the they were saved from extinction and were recognized by the Kennel Club in 1945. They are still a fairly rare breed around the world, but remind a popular type of dog in Scandinavia.