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Coton De Tulear Breed Summary

Happy, Adoring, Energetic, Gentle and Loving

Known for their loving and affectionate ways, these dogs have made a real statement in parts of the world. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic, which means they are great for individuals who suffer from allergies, it also mean less hoovering around the house!

These dogs make a great choice for first time owners and elderly people as they are easy to train, require little exercise and get on with almost anyone. They are also very adaptable and happy to live in any type of home!

Fun Fact: These guys have been owned by many famous people including Barbara Streisand, Jane Fonda and Catherine Zeta-Jones!

Kennel Club Group Non-Sporting
Lifespan 14 - 16 Years
Height (at the withers) Males 10in - 11in, Females 9in -10in
Weight Males 9lb - 15lb, Females 8lb - 13lb
Coat Fluffy and Soft
Color White, White with slight brown around a dog's ears, White with grey around a dog's ears, White with lemon around a dog's ears, White with tan around a dog's ears
Eye color Dark
Common health issues Alabama Rot, Canine multi-focal retinopathy (CMR), Bandera´s neonatal ataxia, Primary Hyperoxaluria type 1 (PH 1), Von Willebrand's disease, Cataracts, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Luxating Patella
Other Names Coton, Cotie

Coton De Tulear's are very adaptable dogs, possessing both active and docile traits. They absolutely adore 'humans' and form very strong bonds with their families - all they want to do is please you! They are very clever dogs which means they are relatively easy to train and can even be taught lots of tricks and skills. However, clever isn't necessarily a good thing and you must make sure that they don't pick up any bad habits! Because they love their families so much, they don't like to be left by themselves for long periods of time. This can lead to them developing separation anxiety and in turn, some very destructive behaviors. For this reason, they need someone to be around most of the day to give them all of the love and attention they deserve. Additionally, these little guys LOVE water! So, if you live nearby a lake or even have the luxury of having a pool, you should definitely take advantage! They are fantastic dogs for first time owners and the elderly as they are very easy-going and, with the right amount of training and grooming, make lovely pets for any family.

These sweet little fluff balls have been around for centuries and were originally found on the Island of Tula in the 16th century. It's thought that the Cotie's were taken to the Islands of Madagascar via trading ships and their job onboard was to kill vermin! They were eventually traded for other goods found in Madagascar, with many being left behind on the Islands. They instantly become a firm favorite with many of the richer folk living on the Islands and are even affectionately referred to as 'The Royal Dogs Of Madagascar'! Their name 'Coton', comes from their soft and fluffy coat and then 'Tulear' refers to the Island of Tula where they were discovered! No dogs were allowed to leave the island for a very long time and it wasn't until the 1970's that the first few left the island! They became a recognized breed by The Kennel Club in 1990 and they continue to increase in popularity around the globe.