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Cirneco Dell'Etna Breed Summary

Confident, Alert, Sensitive, Affectionate and Gentle

These dogs are fairly average sized, weighing around 18 - 26lb. For this reason, they are suitable for many types of home! They are also very athletic and agile, so do very well in dog sports such as obedience and tracking! Additionally, they are very intelligent which means they are relatively easy to train, as compared with other types of Sighthound.

Cirnechi are very, very sensitive to movement, and their high prey drive means that they will chase after many small animals, including cats and rabbits. Therefore, it's vital they are placed in homes with no small animals and where there is a secure fence outside to stop they running away!

Fun Fact: They are well-known for being 'silent hunters' which allows them to catch small animals off guard

Kennel Club Group Hound
Lifespan 12 - 14 years
Height (at the withers) Males 18in - 19.5in, Females 16.5 - 18in
Weight Males 22lb - 26lb, Females 17lb - 22lb
Coat Short, Close to the Skin and Glossy
Color Tan or Chestnut
Eye color Hazel
Common health issues Obesity

These dogs are extremely confident in nature and constantly alert. For this reason, they can make excellent watch dogs, after all, this was what they were bred to do! However, they are also quite sensitive as well and when trained, lots of positive re-enforcement must be used so as not to upset them. Their sensitivity also means they must be socialized from as young as possible and mustn't be left by themselves for too long as they will start to show dominant and destructive behavior. They are also extremely intelligent dogs which makes them fairly easy to train, just make sure they don't pick up on any bad habits! However, if these guys are trained well, there is the potential for them to get on with other animals, including cats! Overall though, they are extremely affectionate and gentle animals and make fantastic pets.

These little dogs get half of their name from the area they were originally bred in, 'Cirnecos', which means green and is also another term used to describe the Island of Sicily and the other half of their names come from the Volcano, Mount Etna! It's also thought that these guys possessed magical powers that kept 'unbelievers' away from a sacred temple in Sicily which they guarded. It was originally thought that these guys and the Pharaoh Hounds were the same breed, but it wasn't until the 1940s that they were recognized as a separate breed. Even today, you can see these guys hunting on Mount Etna and they remain fairly unknown across the rest of the world, to the point that they are even rare within their native country of Italy!