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Bramble Breed Summary

Outgoing, Agile, Playful, Sociable

With their beautifully exotic look, the Bramble cat is registered in the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry. This kitty is a unique breed that inherits a strong personality from the Bengal and an affectionate nature from the Peterbald. Essentially, this is a tender cat with a wild side! The Bramble retains its agility, athleticism and love to hunt. In fact, this cat enjoys the thrill of hunting even if it's just play hunting. As this kitty is easy to train, it's possible for them to walk on a lead.
Lifespan 9 – 15 years
Height (at the withers) in
Weight Males and Females: 6.6lb - 8.8lb
Coat Brambles have a wire coat that does not shed
Color There are many variations in color and pattern but the most usual is a rosette patterned skin with a thin-wire haired coat covering it
Eye color Yellow, green
Common health issues Being a relatively new breed, the Bramble cat has no known hereditary health problems at the moment and is believed to be a robust feline
Brambles are outgoing kitties with lovely temperaments and thanks to their Bengal heritage, a bit of a wild side! With their strong urge to hunt yet unaggressive nature towards their family, these cats are sometimes noted as being brave as tigers yet real pussy cats when there's a comforting warm lap to lie on. They can be mischievous at times and love to play with toys – they especially like to pretend their toys are 'prey' for them to catch and will therefore treat their playthings possessively, even taking them to their food bowl as a statement of ownership. As extroverts, Brambles are friendly towards everyone in their household and are welcoming towards strangers too, they do however have a tendency to pick one person as their favorite and form an especially strong bond with them. Athletic in nature, these kitties are lightning fast and quick off the mark, they also love water and are very good swimmers.
In 2007, the Bramble was introduced in the US by its founder Gary Bramlett, owner of the Magnoliachat cattery. As the breed was created by Bramlett at his cattery, the Bramble was named after him. Taking a careful choice in breeding, Bramlett chose the domesticated spotted Bengal and the bat-eared brush coated Peterbald to create a cat with an exotic large feline with a lovely temperament and personality – the Bramble we know today. To ensure its gene lines and to have a diverse genetic pool, the breeding program widened its pool to other selected breeds, resulting in Brambles being produced with a variety of coat colors and patterns. However, outcrossing the breed was only allowed for a few years as the desired breed characteristics had already been well established. At present, the Bramble is only registered in the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry as they are a fairly new breed. However, it is on its way to being accepted to other cat registries, mainly the International Cat Association.