Why Is My Cat Avoiding Me?

Cats are prone to having an independent nature, they don’t need to have social interactions to be content. Unlike dogs, they’re not natural people pleasers, instead, they prefer to have their own space and will often only spend time with you on their own terms.

However, if you’ve noticed a change in your kitty’s behavior and they’re suddenly giving you the cold shoulder then you may find yourself asking why your cat is avoiding you. If you have a house cat you may have picked up on this more easily.

Have you found that your cat doesn’t spend as much time with you as normal? There can be several reasons why your cat is being distant from you. Let’s explore why they may be displaying this type of behavior and how you can overcome it.

Possible Reasons Your Cat Is Avoiding You

Independent By Name and Nature

Cats are renowned for being headstrong and independent, they’re not afraid of prioritizing their needs over anyone else’s. So, if you’re wondering why your cat is avoiding you, one reason may be that they just want some space. Who doesn’t enjoy having time to themselves?

On average, cats sleep for anywhere between 12-18 hours a day. In fact, research suggests that 40% of cats sleep for over 18 hours a day! So, if you feel like your cat is avoiding you, chances are they may just be napping. To make sure they’re well-rested, why not treat them to a personalized pillow? It’ll offer them comfort and the sweetest dreams. Choose your favorite from Yappy’s wonderful range of fun and contemporary designs.


And, to really go the extra mile, you could even pair your cushion with a super-soft blanket so your kitty can snooze in style. Your cat won’t be able to keep their paws off their luxury blanket!

It’s important to allow your cat to interact with you on their own terms. When they want attention, they’ll make this clear. Naturally, you want to build a strong bond with them, so make sure you’re on hand for plenty of cuddles whenever suits them.

If your cat came into your life as a kitten they may have a closer bond with you, this is because they left their mother at a young age. They’ll most likely see you as a maternal figure and tend to want to be around you. However, this may change as they get older and become more independent.

Always Reward Good Behavior

Cats are very emotionally intelligent and they have a supaw impressive memory. When they’re pushing their luck and being cheeky it’s probably because they’re trying to get your attention.

Never punish your cat by shouting at them. Your kitty is very sensitive to loud sounds and by shouting at them you may scare them; this could translate into them seeing you as a threat. Cats who have been mistreated in the past may be highly sensitive to shouting or punishments, which is why it’s important to be gentle and patient with them to teach them discipline.

Your cat may be avoiding you if they see you as a threat. That’s why it’s so important to always remain calm and reward their good behavior with affection and fun treats.

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Are You in The Doghouse?

If you’re asking yourself, why is my cat avoiding me? You may have got on their nerves. Have you accidentally stood on their tail and triggered a bad reaction? Maybe you haven’t respected their privacy and disturbed them whilst they were having a catnap – oops!

As time passes you can make simple gestures to win them over, giving them affection when they’re ready and offering them special treats.

When it’s time to relax, let your kitty put their paws up on a personalized pillow, a stunning addition to your home. Made from a high-quality canvas, they’re ideal for people and kitties to snuggle!

Changes To Their Routine

Cats are very sensitive to changes in their routine, they’re creatures of habit and enjoy knowing what to expect. Whether this is what time they’ll be fed their lunch, to how often their litter tray is cleaned, they enjoy having a predictable life. Change can cause them stress and worry, which they tend to avoid.

If you’ve had any significant changes to your routine, this could be affecting your kitty and they may be avoiding you because of it. Have you recently introduced a new pet to your home? Maybe you’ve just had a baby, or you’ve moved house. All these big and exciting events are factors that may be causing disruption to your cat's usual routine.

Try to reassure your kitty and help them adjust to your new routine, offer them stability, and understand that they don’t take well to change. Always try to offer your cat a sense of comfort, such as a blanket or toy that they can have by their side during times of stress.

A personalized blanket is a purrfect way to help them relax in their new environment if you’ve moved home. Distracting your kitty with a cat toy is a great way to encourage them to be more active and keep them occupied during times of change.  

Early Signs of An Underlying Illness

Another reason why your cat is suddenly avoiding you could be due to them feeling poorly. You may need to question whether your kitty has been displaying any other types of unusual behavior. Have they had a loss in appetite, or have you noticed they’ve been drinking more water? These could be early signs of an underlying illness.

If you suspect any changes in your cat's behavior, then we would strongly recommend you take them to a veterinary professional to be checked.

As cats get older, they can develop underlying illnesses which they can be very good at hiding. It’s always best to get your kitty checked so any health issues can be found early on and treated.

Always Yappy to Help

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