The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Get ready to unleash your romantic side and spoil your loved ones with the most amazing dog Valentine’s Day gifts!

Dogs and love; these two things go hand in hand (or paw in paw). We bet you know at least one puppy parent, a friend who is dog-obsessed, or perhaps you’ve even got your own furry best friend or a pack of pooches that you adore.

There’s no denying it, our pets really are our true loves. In fact, last year in the US it was estimated that pet lovers spent a whopping $1.189 billion on their beloved dogs for Valentine’s Day! We’re also more likely to splash out on our pooches than our partners, so with Valentine’s Day approaching, there’s no better way to share the puppy love than with a thoughtful, personalized gift as a token of your affection.  

If you’re wondering what to get your beloved dog for Valentine’s Day or searching for unique gift ideas for dog owners, look no further. We’ve shot cupid’s arrow and targeted all the tail-waggingly lovely gifts we know every dog and dog lover will fall head over heels for!

To make life easy, we’ve put our dog Valentine’s Day gifts into the following categories:

  • Lovers of Home Comforts

  • Food Fanatics

  • Fashionistas

  • Outdoor Lovers

  • The Pawfect Finishing Touches

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Lovers of Home Comforts

If you’re shopping for a dog Valentine’s Day gift for a hooman or hound that loves to nap, cuddle, and put their feet (and paws) up at home, these cozy homeware gifts will encourage them to “paws” and relax.

Personalized Dog Pillow: Reserved For


This adorable pillow is a fun way to point out your pup’s fave spot to sit! A sweet addition to any chair, bed or couch, this pillow is customized with your dog’s name and silhouette and is packed with super snuggly filler to make it wonderfully plump and squishy.

Photo Upload Dog Mugs


With a mug that declares them the No 1 Dog Mom or the No 1 Dog Dad around, this dog Valentine’s Day mug is sure to delight every proud pooch parent and make them smile with every sip of their drink. That, and the fact that these lovely ceramic mugs are personalized with their pup’s photo and place name.

Personalized Dog Blanket: Paw Pattern


This soft fleece blanket will add a lovely pop of color and canine character to every dog owner’s home. Perfect for making snuggles on the couch even cozier, it’s sure to be a much-loved home comfort for both dogs and dog owners.

Personalized Dog Bandana: Chill


This dog bandana is a fun Valentine’s Day gift option for dog owners who enjoy relaxed days chilling with their pups. There’s no better accessory for pups to wear when watching Petflix and chilling with their hooman.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Food Fanatics

If you’re shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for a dog lover who enjoys rustling up more than just a dog’s dinner, or a pooch whose favorite room is the kitchen, look no further. These delectable foodie gifts are sure to impress every budding cook and canine who knows the sound of the fridge door opening all too well.

Personalized Dog Apron: I’ll Be Watching You


Every meal you make, every bite you take, I’ll be watching you. If these words ring true, then this apron is sure to be a big hit! Made from top-quality materials and personalized with your dog’s icon, it’s a must-have for the dog lover who enjoys cooking up a storm (under the watchful eye of their pup).

Personalized Dog Metal Sign: Master of the BBQ


This metal sign doubles up as a fun Valentine’s gift for both humans and hounds! Customized with your chosen dog’s name, their cheeky face and their owner’s name, it’s perfect for dog owners who are masters of the BBQ and dogs who are always sniffing around for sausages!

Personalized Dog Bandana: Only Here for the Food


We know that when it comes to dogs, their hearts can often be won by food. In fact, sometimes that’s all they care about. This custom dog bandana is a furbulous Valentine’s Day outfit choice for pooches whose favorite time of day is dinner time (it may even result in them being fed a few extra Valentine’s Day treats)!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Fashionistas

Who doesn’t like dressing up for a special occasion? Our personalized dog bandanas make the perfect Valentine’s Day outfits for dogs, while our leash and collar sets make a woofly choice for dog owners wanting to spruce up their dog’s walking accessories. One thing’s for sure, these Valentine’s Day-inspired dog gifts will have every pup and pup parent dressed to impress and ready for the cat dog walk.

Personalized Dog Bandana: Heart Pattern


A Valentine’s dog bandana will guarantee your pooch plenty of love and attention! This cute and comfy dog accessory is a woofly way for your pup to dress up on Valentine’s Day, especially as it’s personalized with their name to make it extra special.

Expect the compliments to come flying when your canine Casanova wears this adorable bandana.  

Personalized Dog Collars & Leashes


Walk this way for the most pawsome collar and leash sets! These stylish collar and matching leashes are perfectly personalized and are available in a range of vibrant colors to ensure your pup stands out from the pack for all the right reasons. It’s sure to impress every dog owner looking to pup-grade their pooch’s look.  

Personalized Dog Canvas Bag: Retro Pattern


Featuring a funky colorful retro pattern, this cute canvas bag is a great Valentine’s Day gift choice for dog owners to flaunt their dog with style! Sure to make every dog owner smile, this bag is a pawsome way to complete every outfit and show off the coolest canine around.

A generous size, this bag offers plenty of space for shopping trips or for stashing dog toys, treats, and your pup’s pawsonal belongings.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

If you’re searching for dog Valentine’s Day gifts for those who love the great outdoors, they’ll go mutts for these pawsome gifts! They’re made for dog owners who are always planning the next walk or adventure with their best buddy.

Personalized Dog Travel Mug: Starbarks


Walkies will be even more enjoyable with this Starbarks travel mug to hand. Not only is it customized with your pup’s icon, but this snazzy travel mug features double-wall insulation to keep drinks hotter for longer.

Photo Upload Water Bottle: I Love My Dog


Printed with a gorgeous photo of your dog, this insulated water bottle is a great way for dog lovers to show off the one they’re head over heels for (while keeping hydrated). Feeling fursty? Just look to your furry friend!

Personalized Dog Walking Bag: Walkies Bag


Featuring a playful polka dot design and customized with your pup’s silhouette, this stylish dog walking bag will suit every dog owner who’s dotty about their dog. Ideal for carrying your phone, treats and poop bags, this handy bag is a practical and stylish way to keep your dog walk essentials close to hand when out and about with your pooch.

The Pawfect Finishing Touches

There’s no better to say “I woof you” than by choosing the pawfect card for that someone special in your life and making their Valentine’s Day gift even more special by coating it in customized gift wrap. Sometimes it really is the little things that mean the most!

Dog Valentine’s Day Cards


Whether you’re looking for sentimental sweet or laugh-out-loud funny, these Valentine’s-inspired cards are destined to delight every type of dog owner.

Each eye-catching design is printed on high-quality card measuring 5 x 7” - these large cards are made to stand out on the shelf! Simply choose your favorite design and customize it with options to add your dog’s name, their Yappy icon and even their gorgeous photo.

Dog Valentine’s Gift Wrap


And, to delight your loved one before they’ve even seen their Valentine’s gift, our colorful collection of dog wrapping paper has you covered. With lots of fun and vibrant designs that star their fur baby, these gorgeous, high-quality wraps are guaranteed to impress.

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