Take Your Dog to Work Day: This Dog Office Policy is Howlarious!

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Observed on June 23rd 2023, National Take Your Dog to Work Day is an annual event that helps raise awareness of animal welfare charities. And of course, it’s also a great excuse for your pup to join you at your workplace!

As a company that specialises in personalized pet gifts, it’s probably no surprise that Yappy HQ is very much a dog-friendly office.

We love our furry friends sharing our workspace, but there are just a few rules that our canine co-workers must obey to ensure that humans and hounds work happily together (such as thou shalt not poopeth on the flooreth).

Keep reading as we share:

  • The History of Bring Your Dog to Work Day

  • Yappy’s Howlarious Dog Office Policy

  • The Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Work

  • Work Essentials Every Dog Lover Needs

Here’s a little peek at life inside our furbulous office!

The History of Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Firstly, you may be wondering where the idea for this furbulous day came about.

Well, Take Your Dog to Work Day was founded in 1996 by Pet Sitters International (PSI). They created the day to raise awareness of the number of people leaving their beloved pets at home while they went off to work.

The people at PSI are also dedicated to finding good, loving homes for animals in shelters. And so, Take Your Dog to Work Day was developed as an attempt to bring dogs to the workplace to showcase the amazing bond between humans and hounds, and educate people on the importance of saving dogs from rescue shelters and the streets.

It’s also worth noting that there’s a version of this holiday in the UK called Bring Your Dog to Work Day, which was founded in 2014 by an ethical pet product company called Hownd.

At Yappy, we’re big fans of bringing our doggos to work. Here’s some of our furbulous work family strolling into the office…

Yappy’s Howlarious Dog Office Pawlicy

Without further ado, below is our unique office dog policy, which has been carefully put together with Yappy’s amazing office dogs in mind.

We’ve made sure to only include the most impawtant points…

1. Say hello to every hooman in the office

Well, it’d be rude not to, right? Here’s Pepper the Miniature Dachshund happily smiling hello next to her very own personalized metal sign.


2. Thou shalt not poopeth on the flooreth

It’s the moment that no dog parent enjoys: that split second when their pup squats down into that all-too-familiar stance and all they can do is say no no no, not there! But it’s too late.

Luckily, our pooches are very good at telling us when they need to go and we have a large supply of poop bags on hand if an accident happens.


3. Save zoomies for lunchtime walkies

We know that sometimes the urge to zoom is strong, but just think how much more fun that lunchtime zoom will be when the time comes.


4. Thou shalt not mistake a mouse for a real mouse

We know, we know, it’s an easy mistake to make. If your office dog is on the prowl for something squeaky then we’d recommend a squeaky toy instead!


5. No excessive barking

Bark? Me? Never! We think Pepper was simply too cozy here to make a peep.


6. Respect personal privacy of all staff (no sniffing bums)

We understand that’s how doggos say hello, but we hoomans do things a little differently.

7. Thou shalt not steal food from desks

Sorry, Lottie. As fetching as you look in your bandana, cake is for the hoomans!


8. Thou shalt not kill anything other than toys 

Toys, yes. Work stuff, no.

9. Thou shalt not commit dog-dultery – be loyal to your office dog buddy

Even if that office dog buddy, is in fact yourself.


10. Obey your dog pawrent at all times

Dog pawrents know best! Keep your furry friend close with cozy home comforts like an ultra-comfortable dog bed and a snuggly pillow.


The Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Work

Providing your place of work is safe to bring your furry friend and they won’t get up to too much mischief, bringing your dog to work has lots of tail-waggingly lovely benefits.

Just the sight of a cute dog at work is enough to instantly boost everyone’s mood and morale, plus dogs get to be in the company of their pawrent and socialize with a bunch of new people (who’ll probably be thrilled to meet them too).

Fur-get team building, there’s nothing like bonding over a shared love of animals to bring colleagues together!

Plus, Take Your Dog to Work Day isn’t just a chance to post adorable photos and videos of your dog sat at a computer on your socials, it’s a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of pet welfare charities and contribute to a great cause.

Work Essentials Every Dog Lover Needs

At Yappy we’ve got everything you need to give your workspace a pup-grade! Whether you’re looking for yourself or a fellow dog lover, add heaps of fun and pawsonality to your stationery and office accessories with these perfectly pawsonalized work essentials.

From personalized notebooks to mugs that feature your dog’s face and unique custom water bottles, you won’t find these gifts anywhere else. Come and find your favorites today!

Yappy.com is a personalized pet product shop for dog and cat lovers, simply select a breed and icon and add your pet’s name to create a personalized shop just for you and your pet!

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