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Australian Silky Terrier Breed Summary

Energetic, Spritely, Affectionate and Loyal

These dogs come from Australia and have since become a popular breed both in their native country and around the world. It's thought that they were probably created by crossing an Australian Terrier with a Yorkshire Terrier.

Though they are classed as Toy dogs, they're not your average lap dog as they have a HUGE amount of stamina for their size. Additionally, they are very friendly and intelligent, which makes them fairly easy to train!

Fun Fact: Their hair is very human-like, due to it's silky and shiny look!

Kennel Club Group Toy
Lifespan 11 - 14 years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 9in - 10in
Weight Males and Females 8lb - 11lb
Coat Coat is Flat and Fine. It's Silky in Texture and is Naturally Glossy and Free-Flowing
Color Blue & Tan, Gray Blue & Tan, Silver & Tan, Silver Blue & Tan 
Eye color Dark Brown
Common health issues Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), Dermatitis, Portosystemic shunt, Patellar luxation, Skin cancer, Cataract, Urolithiasis, Breathing issues, Weakness in the upper and lower jaw, Dental issues
Other Names Sydney Silky, Australian Silky Terrier, Silkies

Australian Silky Terriers are known to be extremely loyal towards ‘hooman’ families and is particularly affectionate. What should be noted though, is that this dog isn’t a lapdog, and won’t appreciate long periods of time being a couch potato! Because of their constant need to run around, they need someone to be around most of the day to join in with their fun. Without this, they will create mischief and mayhem in your home! They seek ​companionship and are perfect for families who also have an interest in sports that their doggo can be involved with. Overall, this is a small dog with a big personality, and make a lovely pet with the right family.

These sweet little pups first came about during the 1890s​ and were the result of breeding between Yorkshire and Australian Terriers, they were officially given their name once the breed had developed its own traits. Though they may look cute, they are very feisty, having been originally bred to hunt small prey. This, therefore, means that Australian Silky Terriers have a very high prey drive, and will need lots of outdoor space to explore! The owners of this breed will need to accept that these pooches may sometimes catch and kill small animals so they are certainly not for the faint of hearted! It’s not hard to figure out that these dogs have true terrier temperaments and spend their time enjoying a good old bark, dig or chase.