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Asian Shorthair Breed Summary

Loving, Playful, Talkative

The Asian Shorthair (also known as the Malayan) is a furr-iendly cat that's very lovable and affectionate, much like their relative, the Burmese.

These kitties enjoy being in the company of their humans and they're likely to follow them around the house. Be careful to provide your Asian Shorthair with plenty of attention though, otherwise they may become rather chatty and demand it from you!

A sociable cat, the Asian Shorthair isn't shy around guests and they like to interact and play with other feline friends and cat-friendly dogs, especially if it provides them with company while their family are out and about.

Lifespan 13 – 15 years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females: 9.8in – 11.8in
Weight Males and Females: 8.8lb – 16.1lb
Coat Short fur that is satin-like, glossy and fine
Color This kitty comes in a wide range of patterns including spotted, tabby, smoke and ticked. They can also be solid colors, such as black or white.
Eye color Yellow, blue, green
Common health issues While the Asian Shorthair may have some snoring issues (due to their facial structure), they tend to be relatively healthy cats.
Other Names Malayan
A natural extrovert, the Asian Shorthair loves to spend time with their family and other animals. As they're so expressive, they're likely to answer when spoken to… rather loudly! These chatty cats enjoy converting with their people and will demand attention from them if they feel like they're not being cherished quite enough.

Affectionate and people-orientated, these kitties don't mind being picked up, cuddled and pampered, especially as it means they'll be close to their loved ones. As they're also inquisitive and playful, Asian Shorthairs like to explore every inch of their living environment and enjoy playing with puzzles and interactive toys to test their intelligence.

Overall, these cats are a fur-bulous bundle of fun, affection and energy! When it's time to settle down, however, they're more than happy to live their best lap-cat life.

The Asian Shorthair came from a breeding programme led by Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg in the UK. In 1981, an unplanned mating between a Burmilla and a Chinchilla cat resulted in the very first litter of Asian cats, known as the Burmilla breed. These kittens attracted a great number of enthusiasts who were taken by the Burmilla's striking beauty, and they wanted to develop the breed. With the combined efforts of the breeders, they set a goal of creating a Burmese-type cat but with a wider range of colours and patterns.