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Ashera Breed Summary

Intelligent, Playful, Social

As the rarest, biggest, most exotic and most expensive cat breed, the Ashera is certainly a cat of extremes! With their long bodies, long legs and leopard-like spots, the Ashera could easily be mistaken for a small leopard, however they’re actually a combination of the Asian Leopard cat and the African Serval, with a hint of domestic cat in the mix.

Although the Ashera is bred from wild breeds of cat, they’re actually known to be rather quiet and relaxed, and while they’re happy to be the center of attention, they’re equally happy to have their own space and be left alone.

Fun Fact: The Ashera cat is the most expensive cat in the world! In fact, this kitty can rarely be seen for sale for less than £12,000 and good examples of the breed can change hands for over £60,000!

Lifespan 12 – 14 years
Height (at the withers) Up to 60 in
Weight 26 - 33 lb
Coat Short, smooth fur
Color Common Ashera: cream with brown spots. Snowy Ashera: this variety is known as ‘white Ashera’ because it shows the entire whitish body with patches of amber. Royal Ashera: this kind if known as the most ‘exclusive’, it can be cream with spots or black and orange stripes.
Eye color Green, honey
Common health issues Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Periodontal Disease
Since the Ashera is a rare breed, not a huge amount is known about their personality, however it’s been observed that these are fundamentally intelligent, playful and sociable cats. While their large appearance may be thought of as intimidating or even dangerous, the Ashera is actually a calm and quiet cat that gets along well with children and other pets.

Want to take your Ashera on a big walk? No problem! These great kitties are happy to be outdoors and can be taught to walk on a lead, which is a fur-bulous way to show off this exotic looking cat. This breed can form strong bonds with their people but are also comfortable being left alone in the house providing they have some toys and a scratching post to keep them occupied (unless you want your curtains to be climbed!). As the Ashera’s ancestors come from a hot climate, these cats appreciate a comforting heated blanket in the winter, or something to snuggle up to so they can have a cozy snooze.

The Ashera was created by crossbreeding two exotic wild species of cat – the African Serval and the Asian Leopard cat, with a dash of domestic cat in the mix! The result is a large, beautiful cat with leopard like spots and contrasting stripes. The company that developed the Ashera breed was the LA based ‘Lifestyle Pets’, which were also responsible for developing the first hypo-allergic cat in 2006. The owner, Simon Brodie, used a team of geneticists to create the ultimate designer pet, and scientists estimate this kitty should have a lifespan of around 25 years, which is considerably longer than that of the typical domestic cat. As a rare breed, the average waiting list for an Ashera is about nine months, with the company Lifestyle Pets planning to release only 100 (pre-sprayed) Ashera cats per year.