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Aphrodite Giant Breed Summary

Relaxed, Loving, Social, Calm

As the name suggests, the Aphrodite Giant is one big kitty! A large and muscular looking cat, despite the Giant’s athletic stature they’re actually total sweethearts. These cats make a fur-bulous family pet and get along with children too. As Aphrodite Giants are sociable cats, they don’t enjoy being left alone too long, so it’s best to ensure they have a feline friend or a human pal around to keep them company for most of the day. As a large cat with a mountain-dwelling history, this kitty will require at least one cat tree to climb – and the bigger the living space, the better for their welfare.
Lifespan 12 – 15 years
Height (at the withers) At most, a male Aphrodite Giant will grow to around 13 in – 14 in at the shoulders, while females are generally smaller
Weight Males: 15 lb - 24 lb, Females: 10 lb – 14 lb
Coat Short or longhaired
Color This cat is found in all colors, patterns and divisions, apart from pointed colors and mink
Eye color Light yellow, pale blue, green, dark blue
Common health issues Ear infections, obesity, also prone to hairballs
This rare breed has a calm temperament and wonderful personality, making them a good choice for any cat-loving family, even those which have children and other pets. Social and loving, the Aphrodite Giant enjoys the company of others and therefore doesn’t like being left alone for too long. Instead, it’s recommended to provide this cat with a feline friend to keep them company when their humans are out and offer them plenty of snuggles upon returning! There’s no doubt about it, the Aphrodite Giant is a gentle giant. They’re affectionate by nature and are quick to form strong and loving bonds with all the humans in their life, from adults to children!
The Aphrodite Giant is a naturally occurring cat breed that’s native to Cyprus. It’s believed that they developed throughout the mountainous regions in Cyprus and thanks to their large size, easily hunted large prey animals. Their uniquely long hind legs helped them climb steep slopes with ease and because of the harsh conditions in their habitat, they developed a luscious, thick coat to help keep warm throughout the winter. It’s clear that Aphrodite Giants were well adapted to life in the mountains! While they’re relatively new to the cat fancy world, the Aphrodite Giant may actually be one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. In 2004, French archaeologist Prof. Jean Guillain found skeletons of cats that dated back over 9,500 years. These skeletons even pre-date the oldest Egyptian sketches of cats by more than 4,000 years! The story goes that St. Helen brought two boatloads of cats from Egypt to Palestine in an attempt to combat a snake infestation in a monastery. The cats lived and bred freely for over 1,200 years, which allowed them to grow into the robust, interesting and hearty breed we see today. The first Aphrodite Giant to be shown in a formal setting was locally in 2007, and in 2009 they were shown at the World Cat Federation show in Berlin. In 2012, the WCF fully recognized the Aphrodite Giant as its own breed, and in 2014 the Australian Cat Federation recognized the breed as the Aphrodite cat breed, deciding to drop ‘Giant’ from their name.