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American Water Spaniel Breed Summary

Energetic, Spritely, Well-Mannered and Adoring

These dogs are a breed of Spaniel that originated in the States. They were developed in the 19th century from a number of breeds which may have included Irish and English Water Spaniels. It's thought that they may also have been used in the development of Boykin Spaniels.

They are medium in size and have double-layered coats that come in a variety of brown tones. Additionally, they are a very adaptable breed and can even live in apartments!

Fun Fact: They were made the state dog of Wisconsin in 1985!

Kennel Club Group Sporting
Lifespan 13 – 15 Years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 15in - 18in
Weight Males 30lb - 45lb, Females 25lb - 40lb
Coat Double Coated Coat with a Curly Exterior
Color Dark Brown, Chocolate, Brown
Eye color Dark
Common health issues Cataracts, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Hypothyroidism, Allergies, Epilepsy, Diabeties and Glandular Disorders, Hip Dysplasia
Other Names Cocker Spaniel (America), Cocker, Merry Cocker

These curly-headed fellows are bursting with energy, and need lots of playtimes, exercise and mental stimulation. Due to the way these dogs have been bred (to retrieve), they make very well-mannered and polite pets and are relatively easy to train. These dogs can be fairly yappy at times, as they will bark for virtually any reason however, on the plus side, it does make them excellent watchdogs. American Water Spaniel's are also an extremely friendly breed, and their one greatest desire is to please their 'hoomans', whether that be running around in the yard, or sitting on the lap of their owners after a hard day's play, they are great companions. This friendship, however, must be preserved, as these dogs are prone to separation anxiety (they just love us too much!), so it's vital to make sure they receive lots of love and physical activity.

As the name might suggest, this breed has a true love of water and were originally bred as hunting dogs, specializing in retrieving waterfowl. Their water-resistant double coats coupled with very high energy make them perfect for this kind of activity and make them natural 'paw-lympic' swimmers. The breed came about during the mid-1800s and ancestors could include the curly-coated retriever, the Field Spaniel, and the extinct English Water Spaniel. The theme of extinction also carries on with the American Water Spaniel Breed, as there are currently less than 3,000 left in the world making them an extremely rare dog, with waiting lists for puppies starting from several months to way over a year.