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Personalised Springador Tote Bags

Enter your dog's name, select an icon and you'll instantly see EVERYTHING personalised just for your Springador...

Personalised just for your Springador, our hand-made canvas tote bags are the perfect way to flaunt your pup with style.

Personalised Springador Canvas Tote Bags

With one of our pawfectly unique bags on your arm, you can always have your Springador by your side. Add that personal touch to your tote bag with a silhouette or dog icon designs, made to match your pup so that every man and his dog will know how great your Springador is. 

Looking to turn heads? Pick from our range of on-trend designs, available in lots of bright, bold colours. Or, if simplistic chic is more your thing, try a cooler shade with a statement slogan. Whatever your style - our fashionable and functional tote bags are the finishing touch to any outfit.  

Made from high-quality canvas, our bags measure 40cm x 43cm, meaning they’re big and strong enough to carry all your essentials (like toys and treats for your Springador. Lightweight and foldable, use as a great alternative to plastic bags when you’re out shopping – just don’t be surprised if you get stopped by strangers to ask where you got your furbulous bag from! 

If you’re buying one of our bags as a dog gift, how about sealing the deal as best present giver by using some personalised wrapping paper