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Dachshund Treats

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Spoil your pup with our range of yummy Dachshund treats and biscuits

Dachshund Treats

Some dogs are motivated by fun toys, and others will do anything for a scrummy snack. Luckily for your pup, you’ve just landed on the best treats for Dachshunds! They’ll go mutts for our scrumptious range of Sausage Dog treats and biscuits! 

Ideal as a special treat, as well as a reward to help encourage good behaviours in your dog, all our Dachshund treats are made from only the best natural ingredients, are low in fat and include no added salt or sugar to ensure your pup is kept happy and healthy.

From delicious hand-baked biscuits to personalised beer with popcorn and crisps, these treats are certain to get your dog’s tail wagging.

The Best Treats for Dachshunds

Whether you’re looking for a tasty birthday gift for your pup or a scrumptious reward for good behaviour, these yummy goodies are a lovely way to spoil your Sausage Dog, especially if they’re food-motivated!

It’s always handy to take some Dachshund treats with you when you’re out and about with your little one, how about stashing them in a doggy-bag? Our range of no-fuss dog treats are easy to pack and open without any mess.

Plus, we also have lots of stylish dog treat tins available that are personalised especially for your pup and are pawfect for stashing all your Sausage Dog treats.

100% Natural Ingredients 

Our handy on-the-go treat pouches are a wonderful way to treat or reward your darling Dachshund. And, as we know you only want the best for your dog, we can assure you that you won’t find any hidden nasties in any of our Dachshund treats as they’re only full of delicious, 100% natural ingredients, including protein-rich chicken liver to help keep your dog happy and healthy. Our dog biscuits are even hand-baked in the UK too, how pawsome is that!

Personalised Sausage Dog Treats

Whether you’re looking for a delicious birthday gift for your dog, the best treats for Dachshunds or a yummy way to reward your dog for desirable behaviour, these treats will have your pup’s mouth-watering for a taste. 

What’s more, our treat tins and packages can even be personalised for that extra special, personal touch, making them a pawsome option to celebrate your dog’s birthday. After all, what's a birthday without treats? We're sure your Sausage Dog would agree!