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Boxer Toys

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Perfect dog toys for a Boxer

Does your Boxer love playtime? We’ve curated our range of dog toys to match whatever your pooch’s favourite playstyle is, whether they prefer a toy to chew, fetch or cuddle, we’re bound to have their new favourite. 

There’s nothing quite like spending an afternoon messing around with your Boxer! Whether they’re chasing after a ball in the park or straining over a game of tug of war on the beach, playtime isn’t just a great way to burn off excess energy so they’ll sleep soundly, but an essential part of a healthy lifestyle to keep their mind and body stimulated. Our chew toys are also a fun way to help care for your hound’s teeth and gums.

If your Boxer is looking for a new cuddle companion, we have a range of plush dog toys they can chew and snuggle up to, and for big dogs who love to play tug of war, our super-sized ropes are made from naturally strong cotton, so even the most excitable hound won’t destroy them too soon! 

Whether you’re looking for a toy that squeaks, crackles, floats on water or can be thrown as far as they can run, we hope to provide your pup with endless hours of enjoyment.