What to Put in a Dog’s Crate

Many dog parents use a crate for their pup as a bed for safety and for house training. It can be a very effective way of housebreaking a dog. But how do you set up a crate for them? Continue reading our helpful guide to discover what to put in a dog’s crate when first setting it up.

Should you include bedding in a crate?

When considering what to put in a dog’s crate, the first thing you should do is include bedding. The last thing any dog parent wants is for their pup to feel uncomfortable, so purchasing a super comfy dog bed is your best bet.

You should ensure that there’s nothing your pup can chew or choke on, including zips and plastic edges on their dog bed. Some puppies have chewing habits, and giving them something to chew on can cause a safety issue.

Also, if you’re crate training a young pup, try to ensure the bedding you include is waterproof. There are bound to be some accidents at some point. This can also apply to older dogs that still use crates and may not have such strong control over their bladder as they once did.

Make sure your dog is comfortable inside the crate and feels safe. Unfortunately, many dog owners use crates as a form of punishment, but it should be a place where they can relax and enjoy spending time.

The goal of a crate is to provide somewhere for your pup to escape to in order to get away from the many stimulations they’ve had around the house all day. So be sure to include some comfortable bedding for them to snuggle into.

Should you include toys in a crate?

The next thing to consider when weighing up what to put in a dog’s crate is toys, and you absolutely should! Just like bedding, you want to make sure your pup is comfortable, relaxed and happy. Including a little squeaky ball or chew toy in there for them to play with is essential for their happiness.

Including some dog toys in the crate is a great way to stimulate your pup mentally, keeping them occupied and preventing boredom. And, like the bedding you choose for the crate, the dog toys you pick must be safe for your pup to chew on. So nothing that could come apart in their mouth and cause them to choke.

If your dog isn’t a big fan of chewing toys, then consider some soft plush toys for their crate instead. You may find that your dog will just fall asleep with their new toy - how cute!


Should you include food and drink in a crate?

Now you’ve got the crate set up with comfortable bedding and fun toys, we bet you’re thinking about what else to put in a dog’s crate. Well, definitely not food or drink!

To keep your pup’s crate looking and feeling fur-bulous you’ll want to ensure nothing can spill inside it, like a bowl of water, or unchewed, uneaten food. It will only create a mess and potentially smell, leading your pup to decide they don’t like the crate anymore.

If they were to take a dog treat into their crate that is another thing altogether, but that just goes to show how comfortable they feel in there. Once they’ve finished, ensure there’s no leftover food sitting around.

What not to include in a crate

Now you know what to include in a dog's crate, you need to know what not to include. First off, it’s best practice to take off their collar before they get into their crate. This is to ensure they don’t catch it on anything, especially at night time when you’re unlikely to be able to help them.

Also, while it's obvious that you shouldn’t include anything inside their crate that has wires, you should also be careful not to leave the crate near wires or anything electrical. From time to time, your pup may be tempted to chew on that brightly-coloured wire running alongside their crate. You don’t want them chewing it - whatever it is!

Finally, heating or cooling pads should not be left inside a crate for long periods of time, especially not overnight. Your dog will not be able to get away from the heat or cold when locked in the crate, leaving them feeling very uncomfortable.

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