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Toy Fox Terrier Breed Summary

High-Spirited, Playful, Intelligent, Adaptable and Affectionate

These small doggies have been around for nearly 100 years. They were originally known as 'little farm dogs', and would hunt and kill rats and other small vermin from the inside of granaries and barns. It's thought that they were developed by crossing smaller sized Smooth Fox Terriers with several varieties of Toy breeds, this may include Chihuahuas and Manchester Terriers. However, the Chihuahuas and Manchester Terriers had traits that didn't fit with what breeders were trying to achieve and so after initial crosses to set a new size, later breedings only involved the smaller Smooth Fox Terriers in development of the Toy Fox Terrier. The breed gained recognition in 2003 and is a fairly popular choice over many parts of the world!

These doggies are the perfect blend of Terrier and Toy, combining the high-spirit and hunting abilities of Terriers with the affectionate and lap-warming characteristics of Toy dogs. These guys love to play and will fetch almost anything that you throw. Additionally, they absolutely adore 'hoomans' and chilling with you on the sofa is their idea of a good day! They are a highly adaptable doggy and will fit to the energy level of the family, whether you be couch potatoes or extreme sports lovers! They suit families with older children who will show respect towards a new doggy addition to the family. Additionally, many get on well with cats as well as other dogs and their intelligence means that they are relatively easy to train. Overall, they make lovely pets for nearly every family type!