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Sloughi Breed Summary

Sensitive, Energetic, Intelligent and Alert

These sleek doggies are one of the most ancient breeds of sight hound on the planet, found in the North of Africa during the Middle Ages! It's though that they may have originated in Saudi Arabia, although there are many theories surrounding their beginnings. Though one thing that everyone can agree on is that they are a highly prized breed within their native country, both for their good looks and fantastic hunting skills. With modern technology, it has been discovered that Sloughis are more like Afghan Hounds than Salukis, with their ancestors having been around for thousands of years. Similar doggies have even been found in wall paintings in Ancient Egyptian Tombs! They were introduced to Europe a fair while ago, but only became known in the UK in the late 20th century. Nowadays, they are a fairly rare doggy, and anyone wanting to share their home with one would need to register their interest with a breeder.

Other Names Arabian Greyhound, Berber Greyhound

These doggies are known for being generally quite sensitive, forming very strong bonds with their families, specifically one person (normally the one who feeds them!). They are also quite wary of strangers although they would never act aggressively towards anyone. They are also extremely intelligent but because they need to be handled very gently, they would better suit a family who have experience and knowledge of similar breeds. Additionally, they need to be socialised from a very young age in order to develop into happy and well-rounded doggies. They do have a very strong prey drive and will chase after anything small that moves. For this reason, they don't make the best breed to have around in a home with other small animals. Their high stamina also means they need to be in a family who already lead an active lifestyle. But for the right family, they make fantastic pets.