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Segugio Italiano Breed Summary

Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Energetic and Trainable

These doggies are extremely ancient and are thought to have been bought to Italy by Phoenician Traders, although no-one knows for sure. However, they are physically similar to other types of Middle Eastern Doggies, including Pharaoh Hounds, but a DNA relationship has not proved this. It is more likely that they originated in Ancient France (Gaul) during pre-Roman times with the Segusian tribe, that were local to the region and probably taken by Romans during invasions. In fact, the well known Emperor Caliguli was though to have hunted with a pack of similar looking dogs! The breed are though to have hunted in extremely large packs, up to several hundred in size and possessed the instinct to kill prey in a hunter absence. It's thought they probably peaked in popularity during the Renaissance, painted by many notable painters! However, they started to decline after this period of time and it was only due to breed enthusiasts and development with Mastiffs that they were successfully revived. Nowadays, they remain a very popular dog in their native country, but are little know across the rest of the world.

Other Names Italian Segugio, Segugio, Italian Hound

These doggies, aside from their fantastic hunting skills, are known for being extremely gentle and kind in nature. They also absolutely love being part of family life. However, for families with cats and smaller animals, the breed wouldn't be the best introduction, due to their high prey drive. They are also a fairly independent in nature and don't like to be lovely fussed. But they do make excellent watch dogs and will always alert their owners to anything suspicious. They can be fairly stubborn, but as they are intelligent and fairly eager to please, they can usually be trained quite easily, so long as given lots of incentive and positive reinforcement. And for the right family, they make lovely family pets!