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Schnauzer Breed Summary

Intelligent, Protective, Energetic, Alert and Loving

Schanuzers are though to have originally been bred in Germany to kill rats. They were also used to drive and guard livestock as well as guarding the house and stables as well. In fact some were even used to pull carts, meaning they were good workers all-round! It's thought the breed probably came about during the 15th century and they were even famously used in a tapestry by Lucas Cranach the Elder. Additionally, they are also featured in works by Rembrandt as well. They are highly prized in their native country both for their working abilities and the fact they make such lovely family pets. They were standardised during the 1800's and Grey Wolf Spitz and German Poodles were developed into the mix as well. At the beginning of the 1900's, they became formally known as Schnauzers, thought to be due to their unique-looking muzzles, which in German translates to 'schnauzer'! Nowadays, they are a very popular breed all around the world.

Other Names Standard Schnauzer, Mittelschnauzer

These doggies are highly intelligent which makes them fairly easy to train. On top of this, they are highly alert doggies and always ready to go, making them fantastic companions! Because of this, they are a good breed for first time owners. However, you will need to bear in mind that they do have a fairly stubborn streak that if not controlled, can making living with them fairly difficult. For this reason, we recommend that you socialise and train your doggies from as young as possible. These guys are also deeply protective over their possessions, families and even children. This normally makes them great watch dogs, but if it takes over, can make these guys difficult to be around, so again, make sure they're properly trained and socialised. They are also fairly energetic doggies so will need plenty of daily exercise and walkies as well. Overall though, they make lovely pets and have the ability to provide you with years of love and joy!