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Pyrenean Mastiff Breed Summary

Gentle, Independent, Alert, Loyal and Loving

Pyrenean Mastiffs are descendants of the ancient breed, Molossers, who were extremely large and imposing dogs. It's thought they were originally bred to protect flocks of sheep from large predators and that their owners would put spiked collars on them for extra protection against wolves and bears. They are a very old breed and the records that we have of them go back to the Middle Ages where they were found across a lot of Europe, including Spain and France. It's thought they were taken to these areas by Veinnese and Phoenician traders, who bought the dogs from Asia with them. They are very popular in their native country of Spain, but are essentially unknown elsewhere. Infact, they don't even have breed standard in the UK!

Other Names Navarra Mastiff

These doggies, although they make look imposing, are actually just gentle giants. They form incredibly strong bonds with their 'hooman' families and can be very protective over them as well. They aren't the best breed for first time owners as they need to be with someone who has experience of the breed and knows how to train and handle them. Their independence also means they can be difficult to train and they will need plenty of socialisation in order to tone down this trait. However, they do extremely well in home environments and make fantastic family pets for the right family.