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Portuguese Water Dog Breed Summary

Friendly, Intelligent, Happy Loyal and Energetic

Portuguese Water Dogs are, if you didn't already guess it, native to Portugal! Supposedly, they were introduced to the country by Moor Traders and probably share their ancestry with other water dogs. They quickly became a highly prized dog to Portuguese Fishermen as they were fantastic at retrieving lost nets in the water. As well as this, they made fantastic hunting and guarding doggies as well. It was in the 11th century that they were first referenced by Monks, regarding them saving a man from a shipwreck! However, the official origins of the breed remain unknown. Many believe they are descendants of dogs such as Poodles, Puli's and Kerry Blue Terriers. King Carlos I, who served as king during the late 1800's was a real lover of the breed and this caused the breed to shoot up in popularity! Nowadays, they are a popular and well-known dog in their native country, but are essentially unknown elsewhere. For this reason, anyone wanting to share a home with one of these doggies will need to be put on a waiting list.

Other Names PWD, Portie, Water Dog

These doggies are extremely friendly and happy doggies who absolutely adore their 'hoomans'. They are also very intelligent which makes training them a fairly simple task. Additionally, the breed are very high-energy and so will need to live with a family who already lead an active lifestyle, that they can join in with. However, they aren't the best breed for first time owners as they require specific handling and training of people who have had experience with these doggies. Additionally, they need lots of mental and physical stimulation in order to remain happy and engaged doggies. Overall though, they make lovely family pets!