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Plott Hound Breed Summary

Intelligent, Independent, Stubborn, Energetic and Loyal

These guys first came about in the Mountains of Western North Carolina and are an 'All American' dog. They are discussed as being very unique Coonhounds and their ancestors include the Hanoverian Schweisshundens, a type of bloodhound. It is said that five Hanoverian Schweisshundens accompanied the German immigrant, Johanne George Plott, into Wester Carolina in 1750. From these five dogs, and potential mixing from other breeds, the Plott Hound came about. These guys were bred to hunt, protect the home, drive livestock and keep their family's children safe. Nowadays though, you are more likely to see them serving as search and rescue doggies and as pets. They became a recognised breed in 1946 and became the official state dog of North Carolina in 1989!

Other Names Plott, Plott Cur

These doggies can be quite a lot to handle and need to be bought up by an experienced hand, so they're not the best breed for first time owners. They can be extremely stubborn which is bought about by their independence, a common trait in hounds, so must be trained with a lot of patience and positive reinforcement. Once they are trained properly and have matured, they make fantastic family doggies due to their intelligence and loyalty to their owners. They also have very long-lasting memories and will never forget if someone does them wrong. They can get bored very easily so need lots of physical and mental stimulation to stop them from becoming destructive. Their high energy also means they need lots of exercise and would best suit a family who already lead an active lifestyle. For the right family, the Plott Hound can make a lovely pet.