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Griffon Bruxellois Breed Summary

Happy, Lively, Intelligent, Affectionate and Devoted

These doggies originate from Belgium, though used to be referred to as 'Belgian Street Urchins', thanks to their cheeky and mischievous faces. They are not only lovely to look at, but have really playful and high-spirited personalities as well! It's no wonder that they make such lovely family pets.

There are two types of Griffon, one has a smooth coat whilst the other has a rough coat! The smooth coated is sometimes referred to as a 'Peitit Brabancon', though both are equally as sweet with very similar, lovely personalities.

Fun Fact: They are highly prized Ratters!

Kennel Club Group Toy
Lifespan 9 - 15 years
Height (at the withers) 18 - 20 cm at the withers
Weight 3.6 - 4.5 kg
Coat Two Types of Coat. Rough Coats are Wiry and Harsh with an Undercoat. Smooth Coats are Shorter and Tighter with No Undercoat
Colour Black & Tan Rough, Black & Tan Smooth, Black Rough, Black Smooth, Red Rough, Red Smooth
Eye colour Dark
Common health issues Syringomyelia and Chiari-like Malformation (CMSM), Patellar luxation, Cleft palate, Degenerative disc disease, A sensitivity to the Leptospirosis vaccine, Difficulties birthing due to the size of puppy’s heads
Other Names Brussels Griffon, Griffon, Griff, Belgium Griffon, Petit Brabançon, Griffon Belge, Brabançon Griffon, Griffon Belge

These little doggies are known for their high-spirited ways. They are an extremely fun-loving and lively doggy, making them a fabulous choice for first time owners! Additionally, they are very intelligent and thus fairly easy to train as well! One thing to consider in training though, is that they are a sensitive breed and won't respond very well to harsh correctional methods, so lots of positive reinforcement will be needed. In addition to this, they need lots of socialisation as puppies in order to develop into well-rounded happy doggies. Because these little guys love 'hoomans' so much, they can get very sad if left alone for too long. As a result, this can lead to them developing separation anxiety which can lead to destructive behaviour, so for this reason they need someone to be with them for most of the day. However, for the right family, they make lovely pets with the potential to provide you with years of joy!

Belgian Griffons were by no surprise, originally bred in Belgium but the origin of the breed remains a mystery to all. Many theories have been developed over how they may have come about over the years. One theory is that the doggies came about during the 15th century, having been depicted in a painting in this era. Another suggests that they first came about in the late 1800's after becoming popular in a dog show based in Brussels. However, one thing that we can all agree with is that they were bred as stable dogs, with their duties including killing vermin and guarding horses. The breed also became very popular with the ladies of this time, who loved them for their cheeky expressions and affectionate ways. Its thought that that breeds ancestors may include Pugs, Belgian Stable Dogs and Affenpinschers, combining the best traits of all three. They arrived in England during the late 1800's and very soon after became a registered breed! Although WW1 and WW2 took their toll on the breed, they were bought back to life by breed enthusiasts who exported the remaining doggies back to their home country.