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Golden Retriever Breed Summary

Friendly, Loyal, Affectionate, Energetic Family Doggies

These doggies are a hugely popular choice both in the UK and in other parts of the world! They are very calm in nature which, paired with their intelligence, makes them the perfect choice for a family pet. They get on extremely well with children and other pets and have even been used in the police force for bomb detection duties.

These doggies have a very powerful look to them however, in contrast, they have a lovely, gentle expression on their face! They are very well-balanced and have strong muscular back legs making it easy for them to run around the garden and chase after that tennis ball.

Fun Fact: Golden Retrievers are one of the smartest breeds on the planet!

Kennel Club Group Gundog
Lifespan 10 - 12 years
Height (at the withers) Males 56 - 61 cm, Females 51 - 56 cm at thewithers
Weight Males 29 - 34 kg, Females 25 - 29 kg
Coat Can be either Wavy or Flat. An extremely Water-Resistant Double Coat with a good amount of Feathering
Colour Cream, Gold, Golden
Eye colour Dark Brown with Black Rims
Common health issues Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia, Eye issues, Dysplasia (MRD), Post Polar Cataract (PPC), Ectopic Ureter

It’s no surprise that these guys are popular due to their fantastic temperament, friendly manner and loyalty to their families. They are also extremely energetic and very slow to mature so they continue searching for fun, happiness and mischief way into old age. They are natural athletes born for every kind of competition from agility through to obedience. For this reason, they need plenty of daily exercise, such as accompanying their ‘hoomans’ on a jog or a swim at the local lake. Tiring them out will also mean they are more well-behaved at home as they are less likely to run around knocking things (and people) over. These doggies are family dogs at heart and don’t really like to be left by themselves so, if you’re up for a run around and have enough time in your day to give lots of attention and love to a Golden Retriever, you’re sure to have many happy years together.

The sunny, Golden Retriever was first developed in Scotland by Lord Tweedmouth. He spent over 50 years trying to perfect the ‘Golden’ breed and eventually bred a yellow-coloured retriever, named Nous, together with a Tweed Water Spaniel called Belle, this breed is now unfortunately extinct… (whine). The development quickly attracted attention as these new doggies had excellent hunting skills. They were mainly used for the job of retrieving ducks and other types of fowl for the ‘hooman’ hunters. Their popularity has since grown… and grown… and grown! They are now recognised as one of the most popular breeds in the world and this beautiful doggy sits as the 7th most popular dog in the UK and 3rd in America!