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American English Coonhound Breed Summary

Friendly, Intelligent, Happy, Calm and Energetic

These doggies are 'all American' in nature. During the 17th and 18th centuries immigrants brought ancestors of the bloodline to America which were named the Virginia Coonhound. It's thought that the breed we see nowadays is also the descendant of an English Foxhound. George Washington, the first president of the United States, was an early breeder of this doggy due to the fact they have excellent hunting abilities. The Virginia Coonhound and Bloodhounds were crossbred as the Virginia Coonhound originally had difficulty tracking down game and Bloodhounds were well known for their excellent noses. This crossbreeding resulted in the creation of the American English Coonhound that we see today. They became acknowledged by the American Kennel Club in 1905 but did't get recognition until 1995!

These doggies are well-known for their friendly and social manner. They absolutely love 'hoomans' and get on very well with other animals and children. They also get on well with strangers, which means they don't make the best watch dogs! These guys have a very loud bark that they like to use a lot whilst outside. However, they normally remain relatively calm and reserved indoors. Their high intelligence means that they are relatively easy to train, but if they pick up an interesting scent, don't expect them to respond to commands! With the correct amount of socialisation and training, the American English Coonhound does make a lovely family pet.