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Chinook Breed Summary

Calm, Loving, Loyal, Independent and Happy

These doggies came about when a man named Arthur Walden decided to breed his farm dog with a Husky. He had no idea that the dog he created would go on to form a legendary line of sled dogs! Walden brought sled dog racing to New England and he also brought one of his puppies along as well, named Chinook! He instantly stood out for his good looks, nice temperament and good working ability. It was when Admiral Byrd was planning an expedition to Antarctica that he called upon Walden to use some of his doggies for transport on his travels. Luckily, the expedition was a success, although Chinook, who was 12 at the time, wandered off and was never again found. But in the Chinooks honour, a road was named after him that led to his hometown in New Hampshire, it was called the Chinook Trail. Over time this breed started to fall in numbers and popularity, even noted in the Guinness Book of World records as one of the rarest breeds on the planet! They were just about saved from extinction but are still very rare across much of the world.

These doggies have fantastic temperaments and are very calm and gentle dogs. They absolutely love 'hoomans' and are very friendly pooches meaning they are always eager to please their owners. They do however tend to be very reserved with strangers and will take a while to come around to them. These guys need lots of socialisation with exposure to a variety of sounds, sights and experiences in order to grow into happy and well-rounded doggies. Overall, they make lovely pets and have the ability to provide a family with years of joy!