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Boerboel Breed Summary

Confident, Intelligent, Protective, Alert and Out-Going

The history of the Boerboel remains a little blurred, but it's thought that they probably came about when settlers from some European countries, including Holland, France, England and Germany, took their dogs over with them to South Africa where they mated with local doggies. Additionally, DeBeers, a very large diamond mining company, bought over their Bullmastiff dogs to guard their mines and it's thought that they may have also been used in the development of the Boerboel during the 1900's. This is no surprise due to the fact that the breeds name translates to 'farmer's Mastiff' in Afrikaans. They were bred to be large in size so that they could scare off any potential thieves. They were also extremely strong and robust. Even now, they remain a very popular choice of watchdog in their native country of South Africa but also as family pets. They've even gained a small fan base in the UK!

Other Names South African Mastiff

These doggies are extremely confident and out-going, well-known for showing little to no fear in any situation, no matter what it may be! So, it's no surprise that they are highly prized in their native country, often discussed as being wired differently to other dogs. They are very intelligent so training is a fairly easy task however, in order for them to mature into well-rounded dogs, they must have plenty of socialisation. These doggies are very trustworthy which is what makes them so different to other breeds and they will always strive to protect their families from potential danger, making them fantastic doggies to live with.