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Blue Lacy Breed Summary

Determined, Motivated, Loyal, Protective and Energetic

This breeds interesting name comes from their creators, the Lacy Bothers, who resided in Texas, developing and creating the breed during the late 19th century. It's thought that they were probably used to round up wild dogs as well as driving them to market. These doggies have high stamina and are very fast, the result of crossing English Shepherds, Greyhounds and Wolves! In 2005, the doggy was even named the state dog of Texas!

Other Names Blue Lacy Game Dog, Lacy Dog, Lacy Game Dog, Lacy Hog Dog, Texas Blue Lacy, Texas Blue Lacy Game Dog, Texas State Dog

These doggies are what we like to call intense. They have a strong desire to work and will chase after anything they see as prey. They are also extremely loyal to their owners and will become very focused on anything their owners command them to do, for this reason, they should never be left without a task as they can become bored and destructive very quickly. However, after a long day of work, they love nothing more than chilling out and they do have a very calm and gentle nature. They are very independent thinkers and need strong 'hooman' leaders whom they can look up to and respect. When being trained, they need plenty of positive reinforcement due to their sensitive nature, but their intelligence means they are fairly easy to train. These guys are also fantastic watchdogs and will do all they can to protect their families and property. For this reason, they make lovely pets and for the right family have the potential to provide years of joy too!