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Black Russian Terrier Breed Summary

Intelligent, Alert, Energetic, Loyal and Obedient

Black Russian Terriers were first developed by the Russian Army at the end of WW2, in order to track down fugitives in harsh conditions. It's thought they were developed by crossing Giant Schnauzers, Rottweilers and Airedale Terriers. Originally, they were solely bred in Russia in the state-owned Red Star Kennels, however some puppies were sold to breeders both in and out of Russia. They are a highly prized breed in Russia due to the fact they are skilled and courageous working doggies. Additionally, they became a very popular breed in Italy during the 80's. However, they are still a fairly rare breed within the UK and anyone interested in one of these doggies would need to register their interest with a breeder.

Other Names RBT, Blackies

These highly intelligent and alert doggies can be fairly easy to train, however, this is only achievable from owners who have experience with the breed and means they aren't the best doggies for first time owners. They are also very confident and lively doggies and have a natural instinct to protect their families and propertied. However, they would normally never act out on aggression towards anybody. It's important that this breed are trained and socialised from a young age, so that they understand what is and what isn't acceptable behaviour. They form extremely strong bonds with their families and although they can sometimes be stubborn, they are usually extremely obedient, loving nothing more than being able to please their owners! They are also very high energy so would best suit a family who already lead an active lifestyle that they can easily slot into.