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American British Pitbull Terrier Breed Summary

Confident, Affectionate, Gentle, Intelligent and Agile

Pit Bull Terriers were first created by crossing Old English Bulldogs and Old English Terriers in order to produce a doggy that combined Terrier gameness with Bulldog strength and stamina. It's thought that they were developed in the UK but, on arrival to the States, became direct ancestors of American Pitbull Terriers. In the UK, these doggies were originally used in bloodsports including bull and bear baiting, which were incredibly popular at the time. Thankfully however, these types of sport were banned in 1835. Dogfights were a lot cheaper to arrange and easier to hide from the eyes of the law than bloodsport, so owners decided to let their dogs fight against each other instead. It was seen as being a way to test the quality of their stock, but hardly humane. Thankfully, the law fought hard against these types of activities, which now occur very rarely. Many of these doggies are now found in shelters due to their 'tainted' name, despite the fact many of these doggies make lovely pets.

These doggies have a true confidence and zest for life! They absolutely love 'hoomans' and will do everything that they can to please them. They also get on very well with children making them fantastic family pets. However, as these doggies have been bred in the past to show aggression, some will need extra training and socialisation in order to help them become happier and more well-rounded doggies. For this reason, they are not always the best choice for first time owners and may need someone with breed knowledge and experience. They are a very intelligent and agile breed, which means they do very well in doggy sports and competitions! Just make sure that you have a sturdy fence as their stamina and energy means that they may be able to climb over one! For the right family, they make lovely pets and have the potential to provide you with years of love!